Marketing Your Home For A Successful Sale

Marketing your home isn’t as simple as posting it online and throwing a “For Sale” sign in your yard.

My goal when marketing your home is to increase awareness, attract interest, and get more potential buyer through the door. Here’s my step-by-step process to marketing your home effectively.

Price it right

Wondering if you should price your home in line with the market or bump it up a little “just to see what happens?” Here’s the answer: Overpricing your home (even by a few thousand) is the #1 way to sabotage your chances of getting top dollar for your home. Here’s why:

Buyer agents know what your home is worth and if a home is overpriced they’re going to say so. A home priced correctly will ALWAYS generate more interest and sell faster.
If you price your home higher than what it’s actually worth, it may not appraise by the buyer’s lender, and we risk losing a contract or going back to negotiations. If we go back on the market, that’s a bad look for new potential buyers.

The longer the home sits on the market, the worse it looks to potential buyers.

To get an accurate price on your home, I will gather data and help you analyze comps, location, size, age, condition, updates, and other factors that point to a price that will strike the right balance between current market conditions and the features that make your home attractive for buyers.


Before we have a professional photographer and videographer come to your property, it’s crucial that we properly prepare. Our goal is to sell your home for the most amount of money possible, in the shortest amount of time. Here are some tips for maximizing your return on investment:

Focus on curb appeal. First impressions matter so make this one count. Consider pressure washing, fresh paint on doors and shutters, replacing house numbers, and a new mailbox. And of course, clean out the flowerbeds, spread fresh mulch, and plant some seasonal flowers.

Make sure your kitchen shines. Kitchens sell houses, so make yours stand out by clearing out the clutter and updating the hardware. And please, please, please, make sure it’s clean!

Reduce furniture and decorations to a minimum. Too much or too big furniture will make your rooms look small and choppy. Arrange the furniture in a way that makes each room feel spacious, homey, and easy to navigate.

Depersonalize your home. Remove all the family photos, keepsakes, refrigerator art, toys, and personal items in the bathroom. You want the buyer to easily envision themselves in your home — not you in your home.


According to the NAR, 37% of contracts fall through because of repair issues sellers could have addressed before listing their property.

Once your buyers go under contract, they’ll most-likely have inspections done on the property. If they are financing, the home will need to be able to pass the inspection in order to obtain home insurance and secure the loan. Because of this, consider making any repairs to your home prior to putting it on the market.

If it’s recommended, schedule a pre-sale inspection. Then you’ll know precisely what needs to be addressed from a functional standpoint. Invest in repairing major systems first. Think HVAC, plumbing, roofing, foundation, or electrical issues.



The photos & videos of your home directly influence whether or not a potential buyer will schedule a showing of your home or not. It is crucial that we capture high quality, professional photo & video of your home showcasing the best qualities and features.

I work with the top local real estate photographers to capture your home in the very best light. This service is complimentary. Below are some samples from photographers we use.



My team will gather information about your home to understand its unique selling points.

A detailed, professional listing description will be written that highlights your home’s best features and helps potential buyers envision themselves settling in.

Once your home is live on the MLS, it will be syndicated to thousands of websites (like Zillow & Immediately, many buyers searching online swill see your home. This is why our team is strategic with when and how we go live in the MLS.

Ninety-five percent of home buyers used the internet to search for homes.

Photos was the most useful website feature to nearly 9 in 10 buyers under the age of 57



Once your listing goes live, it will be syndicated to 1000+ real estate websites as well as blasted via email to any potential buyers who have opted for email notifications when a listing such as yours hits the market. In addition to this, you can expect your listing to be marketed by:

List everything else you will do to market this home. For example…

  • Facebook Post: 500 local followers
  • Instagram: 500 local followers
  • Local Facebook Groups
  • Targeted Facebook Ads

Traditional Marketing such as Postcards and Flyers

  • Open Houses
  • Yard Signage
  • Virtual Tours

the Results

Previous Listings & Results

12345 South Ave
Tampa, Florida

  • Sold in 20 hours for 5% over asking price
  • Include information here about what you did to market this listing
  • Ran “coming soon”, “open house”, & “just listed” social media posts
  • Mailed modern postcards to 1 mile radius
  • Included listing on personal & company website
  • Reached out to a targeted network of potential clients

“Short testimonial from the homeowner of the listing above. Short testimonial from the homeowner of the listing above. Short testimonial from the homeowner of the listing above.”

Thank you!

Thank you for trusting me with the marketing & sale of your property. I am honored to represent you and guide you through the process.

My goal is to ensure that you are comfortable and at ease every step of the way.

Have more questions? I’m always available to help! Shoot me a text or give me a call for the quickest response.

Next Steps

✓ Review & sign listing agreement
✓ Determine list price
✓ Schedule photographer

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